Florida Gator Girl Fishing Shirt

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This is perfect for our Gator fans! You totally need this! Comes in Long or Short Sleeve.

These are performance blend 100% polyester wicking shirts. They will have the slick feel to the outside.

Size charts and variations are all listed in the listing photos.

Sometimes during shipping due to the very soft material these shirts are made out of the design may get crinkled up or creased. Please do not worry, all that is needed to fix the shirt back to its original state is a washcloth and an iron on low heat. Simply placed the washcloth or hand towel over the design and iron over it on low heat. However, do not iron over the design without a washcloth or hand towel over the top as it will melt the design and ruin your shirt.

These shirts come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Please be sure to select the correct size and style from the style drop-down menu. We are not responsible for incorrect size or style selection. Our shirts are custom made to order and are non refundable or exchangeable.

Size charts can be found in my FAQ section for reference. Just copy and paste the link.

Please copy and paste the links for sizing information.


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