Custom Softball Gift Set

From $19.99

Custom Bows


TEAM DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! Please message me before ordering.

Each set includes:

1 - Custom Name/Number Water Bottle
1 - Custom Number Softball Glitter Bow
1 - Softball Bracelet
1 - Softball Scrunchie

Design and bows are available in almost any color! To verify before ordering please message me. For standard colors you may order first and if there are any issues I can message you afterwards.

These personalized gift sets are perfect for any kid or adult! Comes personalized with a name and number on bottle and number of your choice on bow!

We do have other color options for the design. Please message us for details.

BPA free

These plastic water bottles hold 24 ounces and have an attach lid so that it does not go missing and prevents spills.

Hand Wash Only! These ARE plastic so if dropped when full they may break. Please take special care.